Our Activities

Shaping the German educational system in the promotion of gifted young people

Highly gifted and potentially top-performing children and young people are completely normal children and young people, who, however, are aiming for more than they „actually should“ and can do more than is age-appropriate. They are children with a high cognitive potential and corresponding intellectual needs in regards of their education.

Our topics and target groups


We support early childhood education, schools and counceling because the entire formal course of education of the highly gifted and potentially top-performing child needs to be consistently taken into consideration.

Our services are focused on people with responsibilities, who are organizing the educational system. They are people who seek solutions for the everyday education of highly gifted and potentially top performing children: educational and psychological personnel in educational practice, administration and politics as well as parents.

Our programs and projects


Improved information and the qualification of educational and psychological specialists are the key to shaping the education sector. To achieve this, we have developed effective and sustainable services, including „Karg Campus“ and the „Karg Impulskreise“. They serve for the further development of early childhood education, school and counceling and the advanced training of professionals within.

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Karg Fachportal Hochbegabung

Grundlagenwissen zum Thema Hochbegabung und Orientierung zur Situation professioneller Hochbegabtenförderung in Deutschland

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