The Karg Foundation

Being closer means to be more advanced - facing a fair future for the gifted children


Highly gifted children and young people are the subject of our foundation. Our mission is to shape the German educational system into one that supports the gifted.


Being an expert of the needs of the gifted and potentially high-performing child, the Karg Foundation is seeking better ways for the promotion of highly gifted children; professionally and in partnership with others. In doing so it follows a motto: an educational system that meets the needs of the highly gifted and enables them to develop their personality on the basis of their particular strengths.


We are specialized in guiding our educational system in Germany into a better future – above and beyond our own programs and projects. The  Executive Board  and  Board of Trustees transform the various activities of the foundation together with an engaged team.


The Karg Foundation was founded in 1989 by the department store entrepreneur Hans-Georg Karg and his wife Adelheid. Today it is the largest acting foundation in supporting gifted children in Germany. Its total assets amount to around 125 million euros (in 2017).



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Karg Fachportal Hochbegabung

Grundlagenwissen zum Thema Hochbegabung und Orientierung zur Situation professioneller Hochbegabtenförderung in Deutschland

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